What Have We Been Up To Lately?
From helping to restore a former great’s luster to a groundbreaking new strategy for a LCC to starting a new research service on one of the industry’s key news sources - It's no secret that T2Impact has been involved in many things over the last few months. The new website will enable us to service our customers better. Please sign up for our monthly newsletter and keep in touch!
T2Impact is a business development, technology and strategic consulting group focused on helping firms to accelerate their growth either in new geographies or with new products and services. Our name derives from the companys focus; accelerating time and getting from idea to impact quickly for its clients.
The Future of Airline Distribution
GDS business is dead – long live the GDS? The dust is settling the smoke is clearing but who won? Looks like the money guys finally figured out a way to make cash out of the old dinosaurs. But wait is the fame over yet and has victory been declared or are we at another truce or battle in the 100 year war?
Has Diller lost his touch?
Did Barry Diller and his team miss out on one of the best opportunities to address their issues in a BIG way? Either someone is asleep at the switch or my judgement is failing me (both are possible!). So why do I think that Diller should have made the run at Sabre? Lets agree on the fact that it would make the absolute powerhouse worldwide ...
We know that travel eBusiness continues to change.  Todays best practices require more sophisticated business models and technology in order to compete or maintain market leadership.  Companies must evolve into multiple business elements many of which are new or not core to the companys skills and resources.  Others need an update to the existing business or technology.