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S5 - a fast growing Internet based Online Travel Company

Problem: When the client was in its early stages as an independent, they were faced with a significant problem of architectural Scalability. Their system design was quite radical but they lacked the in-house knowledge to address the issue.

Solution: The team put together an accelerated solution plan and was onsite within 2 weeks of the initial call. Using a 60 day work project and they were able to transform the number of markets served. Client was able to expand rapidly nationwide and revenue growth resumed at a lower cost per unit

LG, a Large Tour Operator based in the USA

Problem: Significant legacy infrastructure. From the onset they had determined a visionary path forward. The execution of the vision however was not a simple as initially thought. This resulted in a need to change the e-commerce strategy and incorporate tighter supply chain links.

Solution: T2�s team changed the underlying architecture and incorporated state of the art supply chain and distribution systems back into the design. During this project T2 acted as an overall consultant for the Architecture. In addition the team implemented a PMO for the vendors to interact with the In-house team.

API a leading Payment Service provider in Europe

Problem: API was looking to expand outside its European base. They needed a quick guide to the US market so that internal management decisions could be made.

Solution: We provided detailed market analysis for beachhead and expansion. The relationship has continued over many years to encompass other markets.

Islands Group. A collection of Northern Europe based tourism destinations

Problem: A consistent home market with one stable international source of visitors had resulted in stagnation and lack of growth. The group had determined they needed help to broaden the market and increase yield for the average visitor.

Solution: Team worked through the education process of Tourism e-commerce. This included recommendations for a master service system for all the Tourist offices and affiliated supplier partners. Distribution has been expanded as a result and continuing efforts for increased services are adding value to the customer proposition

LV, a Joint Venture of 2 large Casino Groups serving the largest destination market in the world.

Problem: Where to start and who do we get to do it? The JV came to T2 for total end to end service. The requirements were to take the core concept and develop the entire business. The needed everything from strategy to final execution.

Solution: Despite the direct impact of 9/11, the build team led by Timothy O�Neil-Dunne, were able to develop the strategy, Design an integrated solution for the client. The results have been reflected in significant revenues for the business but more importantly the generation of increased profits due to Supply control for the JV partners. T2Impact completed the entire activity from initial authorization to hand off in 14 months.

PH a tour operator subsidiary of a one of the largest Travel companies in the USA

Problem: Needed to evaluate a new direction in its architecture.

Solution: T2 was able to quickly assess the situation and provide the necessary information to the subsidiary and the parent company so that appropriate action could be taken.

SE, a startup Low Cost Carrier (LCC) based in Europe

Problem. The airline needed an Airline Reservation System to accommodate their needs. Including an early deployment.

Solution: T2 provided a quick list and enabled the decision for the carrier which resulted in the Airline online and operating in less than 4 months from the first phone call.

LM, a major Online Travel Company based in Europe

Problem: Client needed to address its core transactional infrastructure that was being affected by scalability and reliability problems. Customers were consistently being turned away and their workflow resulted in high purchase flow abandon rates.

Solution: We restructured the workflow and created short term significant improvements in the GDS interface. Longer term functional improvements led to significant increases in gross revenue transactions for the company.

IG, a European Wintersports operator

Problem: As a start up the company needed an architecture and implementation strategy. They also needed operations and infrastructure design support.

Solution: The team provided all the necessary services. The company is now regarded as the leader in European Wintersports specialty operating in multiple markets.

ED, a Joint venture Spanish-American, in online travel seeking to launch in new markets

Problem: At the height of the dot com boom had secured funding for an OLT company. However they lacked execution and Travel Distribution knowledge.

Solution: We created the architectural blue print and then worked with CGE&Y to implement the site which was up and running in 6 months in 2 markets.

T-EU, A major US-EU JV travel intermediary

Problem: The client was looking to implement an in-country website as its launch platform for Europe. The initial concept was to use US resources and we were asked to validate this. Initial plan was running late and they needed expertise to launch

Solution: Through swift action we were able to stabilize the process of the site localization and improve the quality through advising the partners. We brought in a small team of experts and PMs to troubleshoot the project and complete the outstanding items.

HZI based in Northern Europe, is a hotel aggregator and intermediary

Problem: HZI needed to expand outside its home market and needed a complete assessment of the market opportunity for US expansion.

Solution: T2 created a small team and working with the client produced a road map showing requirements and costs. The resulting savings and new direction have returned great value to the Client and its supply partners.

TS, an online travel company based in Northern Europe was created out of the bankruptcy ruins of a failed .com company.

Problem: How to redefine its strategy to compete within its home market while re-connecting to a severed supply chain.

Solution: Working closely with the client over a year, we helped the company re-focuse on short term gains and is now the largest Online Travel Company it its market. We have provided M&A and tactical consulting services. T2 has acted as strategic advisor since its inception.