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T2Impact overview

We know that travel eBusiness continues to change.  Todays best practices require more sophisticated business models and technology in order to compete or maintain market leadership.  Companies must evolve into multiple business elements many of which are new or not core to the companys skills and resources.  Others need an update to the existing business or technology.

Thats where we come in. We offer advanced technology and business services with a commitment to accelerated delivery of solutions, transfer of knowledge and experience.  Here�s what we can do for you:

  • Present market intelligence on latest state of business and technology
  • Assess Business and Technology against Travel Industry Best Practices
  • Develop Best Practice Business Models
  • Design Information Architecture to Elevate the Business to Optimum State
  • Lead design, development and implementation projects to market
  • Evaluate potential partnerships, alliances and affiliates
  • Provide interim management for both business and technology

The T2Impact team includes seasoned travel business and technology people who have all done it before. We know the challenges and we can become part of the solution.  Worldwide engagements provide us rare access to critical industry information and data; consumer behavior, distribution, financial, insider trends, whats working and what�s not.  We will supply your team with unique information that cannot be purchased along with our analysis and how this data brings value to your company.

T2Impact has developed a number of exclusive solutions over the years that enable us to provide our clients with an unprecendented level of speed and reliability in delivery.

RapidRFP Process

The T2RapidRFP is a process that automates the requirements gathering and RFP processes. Narrative RFPs leave an enormous amount of the customers requirements open to subjective interpretation and thus to ambiguous responses. Our process minimizes the amount of narrative text required in order to effectively communicate requirements to the various vendors. It also requires crystal-clear answers on behalf of the suppliers, as it has blanks for each feature/requirement of "Yes, No or When" (if in progress).

One other benefit of this process is that a complex RFP that covers many disciplines can be included in one RapidRFP, allowing vendors to answer just those pieces that are germane to their product line and service offering. Other benefits include speeding up the requirements and RFP decision process, and that it can be completed in as little as 3 weeks from a blank sheet of paper to comparing vendor responses.

The SolutionMap

Selecting technology and service partners can be very confusing, as well as time consuming. Often companies just focus on one piece of the puzzle, the booking engine or the CRM solution. We look at the whole challenge and map out the complete solution set, including operational solutions such as call center and fulfillment that are often left until last.

We begin this process by assessing project technology and service needs and then developing a SolutionMap. Our front-end work saves project costs by getting early buy-in on the total solution and then focuses on productive activity. We believe in the adage, time is money, so our formula to impact is fast and fundamental. It is all about execution. We establish the most effective business structure, research and compile relevant market data, and synthesize that information into knowledge to ensure rapid growth. Our SolutionMAP process is direct. It s targeted. And it works.

Benefits of the process include the targeted approach, the development of a complete Project Roadmap, and a visual depiction of the outcome.

For more information call +1 (425) 836-4770 or email us.